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Land Use & Zoning

Mr. Infantino provides legal assistance with persons in evaluating the effect of local government decisions on land use and zoning. These services are available to those who are seeking governmental action on their land or for those who are affected by the governmental action taken on nearby lands.

Mr. Infantino can also assist persons seeking preliminary plat or site plan approvals, through attendance at development review meetings, planning and zoning meetings and county or city governmental approval proceedings. Mr. Infantino can also provide assistance to persons having issues in connection with lakefront property or boat docks (their own or their neighbors).

Public and Private Transportation

Mr. Berman can provide evaluation of public bus carrier liability in bus accident cases.

He has provided the local public transportation authority with the defense and compromise of accident claims arising from incidents involving the equipment and vehicles of the transportation authority.

Mr. Infantino has assisted a regional transportation authority with a recent merger and transfer of assets and related grant, rights, or other items, as part of the restructuring of the authority and its mission.

He also has provided consultation to a South Florida county on the restructuring of its public transportation property. Mr. Infantino has also assisted the local congressional delegation members on regional pubic transportation matters through workshops, personal consultation and meetings. Mr. Infantino has represented private transportation providers in matters of equipment acquisition, general corporate matters, and defending the assessment of a civil penalty resulting from the Terminal Audit conducted by the Florida Department of Transportation.

Elder Law

Mr. Raley provides consultation and legal services with respect.

Affordable Housing

Mr. Infantino has provided advice and consultation to the promoters and developers of renovated affordable housing.

Services include the evaluation and revision of purchase contracts; reviewing trust indentures, loan agreements and official statements; negotiating with bond underwriters and issuers; reviewing title commitments and surveys; and coordinating the use and services of local counsel to provide opinions to the appropriate parties in the issuance of mortgage revenue bonds.